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News 2008

Hiab to Deliver Load Handling Solutions for the Dutch Fire Brigade and Highway Police


Cargotec's business area Hiab providing load handling equipment and solutions has secured a significant order in the Netherlands. More

Hiab Delivers Load Handling Solutions for Iraqi Ministry of Electricity


Cargotec's business area Hiab providing load handling equipment and solutions has secured a significant order in Iraq. More

New HIAB XS 855 Loader Crane: More speed and more outreach in compact design delivering higher productivity


Hiab's stunning new XS 855 loader crane delivers users in the construction, installation and transport sectors a range of benefits from amazing outreach through very fast extensions all designed to boost speed, productivity and their bottom line.More

Hiab secures significant orders for load handling equipment in the USA


Hiab has secured significant orders for a total of 428 HIAB loader cranes and 32 MULTILIFT hooklifts from BAE Systems Inc. in the USA. More

Hiab's MEWP gives you THREE cranes in one


More and more countries follow EU-standard EN 280, which gives completely new requirements for machines and lifting equipment for personnel baskets, in other words Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP). Hiab has fully complied with the new standard and adapted constructions to meet the new requirements. The result? You get three cranes in one! More

Hiab Provides Waste Management Solutions for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


Hiab and its partner Molok are involved in the waste handling process at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Hiab also has an important role in developing waste collection systems in China. More

HIAB XS 111 and Volvo FL6 – The ultimate combination


When Johan Bergk thought about acquiring a new works vehicle his requirements seemed almost impossible. He needed a strong crane for heavy lifts and jobs with a clamshell bucket but, at the same time, wanted it fitted onto a small lightweight truck - a Volvo FL6. However, a most suitable solution was found - a HIAB XS 111 HiDuo.More

HIAB XS 477 – Klas juggles concrete blocks


Concrete piles and concrete blocks. Kurt Hedins Åkeri AB, a haulier in Södertälje, just south of Stockholm, has a niche handling long and heavy concrete items. The concrete blocks in question are primarily used in road construction work where they are laid out mile after mile, alongside work in progress, to keep traffic on the right side of workplaces. The piles are used in groundwork in the construction industry. For more than 40 years Hiab cranes have taken care of the heavy handling required by Kurt Hedin's customers.More

Hiab moves closer to its customers in New Zealand


Hiab has concluded an agreement to acquire the business of Zepro Tailgate (1987) Limited, Hiab's long term distributor for tail lifts in New Zealand. Zepro Tailgate (1987) Limited is the dominant supplier of tailgates in New Zealand. In addition to tailgate sales the business comprises of installation, repairs and maintenance and spare part sales. More

Hiab fast tracks product development with innovative production processes


Hiab's innovative loader cranes have built an enviable reputation of reliability, safety and productivity building on a core product development focus merging the highest quality materials, strenuous design calculation methodology and high levels of technology to bring innovative products meeting customer demands rapidly to market.More

Hiab increases its presence in South Africa


Hiab has concluded an agreement to acquire the majority of the operations of South African Bowman Cranes (Pty) Ltd, Hiab's long term agent in the region. The deal is subject to the approval of Competition Commission and other relevant authorities of South Africa. More

Hiab acquires tail lift companies in North America and Europe


Hiab has signed an agreement to acquire UK based DEL Equipment (UK) Limited and US based Ultron Lift Corp. The companies owned by Militello Holdings, Inc. manufacture tail lifts in UK and US. DEL is the market leader in UK and Ultron is the market leader in Canada. More

Hiab opens world's most advanced crane testing centre


Hiab has opened a state-of-the-art crane-testing centre at its loader crane production facility in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Described as the most advanced of its kind in the world, the centre delivers Hiab and other business areas of the Cargotec Corporation the opportunity to test more and longer cranes and components as well as ensuring testing is more precise than ever before.More

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